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Re: Phasors on Stun (was Re: The crap that is FBO...)

Well, like I said, I thought I was the only one! There USED to be some great shows on the radio years back that I would go out of my way to listen to and tape. Synthetic Pleasures, Noise Annoys, Nech's Raw Oyster show on WJTB... I digress.... WNYU still does the New Afternoon Show and Digilusion but just not the same as it was. Heck to date I have their number memorized 212-998-1818 as I used to call and make requests ad nauseum. Heck I'd even mess with their minds and ask " Hey you got the new Nech's Noises Inc.? " ! ! ! ! But Nash was something that got played regularly with some of the other 'out there' stuff. Heck Nash was and is the original Buckethead... but I'll leave that up to the Badgers to google up and see what I mean. ; )


stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

OMG back at ya. I didn't know Nash the Slash's fame crossed down below the 49th parallel. I first heard of him on my university radio station at 
UNB, CHSR. I later discovered his work with Canadian band FM. Their song "Phasors on Stun" is still one of my all-time favorites. On 
the surface, it's about as far away from Led Zeppelin as one can get, but I've always loved the enthusiasm bursting from the speakers. Sure it 
was early synthpop (circa 1976!), but these guys really got it every bit as much as Jimmy Page did: that notion of sound itself and the space 
around it as an artistic statement. You know, there's a point in the movie TSRTS right after the fanfare that closes the guitar solo where the 
band is crunching into the final Aminor-Aminor....G-G....F-F chords behind "And as we wind on down the road..." and you see a view 
from Jimmy's side of the stage as the whole band seems to take this sort of "determined" stance and Page bashing out the chords on his 
double-neck in time with the music with an enthusiastic  "wreckless abandon" as he hits the chords, and you get this overwhelming 
sense of exuberence and drive, the whole "Zeppelin in full flight" thing. You can almost see the waves of sound energy being directed 
at the audience. Trampled Underfoot indeed! I hear the same thing at the end of Phasors on Stun. It's the sheer joy of making music and just 
belting it out for all you're worth. I also saw it in the O2 footage near the end of Black Dog where Jimmy seems to suddenly get this sense of 
"Holy shit! We're actually doing this and it f"/$king well ROCKS!" and starts jumping up and down as he crunches the chords. 
Heck, there are lots of moments we could list like that in LZ's music and others. In his own weird bandaged way, Nash the Slash knew how to kick 
up some sand like this too! ;-)

It's all good. No crap here.

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OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that ever heard of Nash the Slash!!! Man did that just bring back some high school memories!!! Just consider me the FBO marriage counselor.
Dr. RuthNech

zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Nashers? Are those members of the Nash the Slash fan club?
Speaking of
which, any Canucks on here remember Nash the Slash's electric
version of Smoke On the Water?

Anyway, good point, Nestor.

Nech wrote:

And then there are those that take every opportunity to bash