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Re: The crap that is FBO...

Nashers? Are those members of the Nash the Slash fan club? Speaking of which, any Canucks on here remember Nash the Slash's electric voilin version of Smoke On the Water?

Anyway, good point, Nestor.

Nech wrote:

And then there are those that take every opportunity to bash the nashers..

it's a 2 way street ...

see my point...

I hope...


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To: <zeppelin@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 6:47 PM
Subject: Re: The crap that is FBO...

Mr. Thompson

I notice that this is the 2nd time people have
complained about the continual Plant-bashing on this
list (led, may I say, by YOU) which gives many of us
the impression that one cannot defend the poor man at
all without a post about how wrong one is (usually,
again, YOU)  and who pipes up to say, oh, no, that's
not true - you're mistaken?  Why YOU the biggest
I'm thinking it might be a bit more credible coming
from someone who DOESN'T diss RP quite as much - just
a thought...
Now please, waste bandwidth telling ME how wrong I
must be....