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Re: Phasors on Stun (was Re: The crap that is FBO...)

Hmmm I don't know Nech.. I hate to disagree with you as I always do agree with your opinions and insight on all matters as a rule. Buuuuut I fail to see anything that would put this Nash the Slash guy as the original Buckethead except for maybe the mime face look. BH does not sing or even speak for that matter, BH can play some incredible guitar licks. I watched several of the Nash videos on Utube and I did not see anything he did even come close to the worst BH song I ever heard in the guitar playing area.
Or am I missing something?

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Well, like I said, I thought I was the only one! There USED to be some
great shows on the radio years back that I would go out of my way to
listen to and tape.  Synthetic Pleasures, Noise Annoys, Nech's Raw
Oyster show on WJTB... I digress....  WNYU still does the New Afternoon
Show and Digilusion but just not the same as it was. Heck to date I have
their number memorized 212-998-1818 as I used to call and make requests
ad nauseum.  Heck I'd even mess with their minds and ask  " Hey you got
the new Nech's Noises Inc.? " ! ! ! !  But Nash was something that got
played regularly with some of the other 'out there' stuff. Heck Nash was
and is the original Buckethead... but I'll leave that up to the Badgers
to google up and see what I mean. ; )