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RE: We Are All Going to Hell (ZC)

Wow that sucks.  What a weirdo.

I always wonder why these guys get so wound up and caught up in this devil 


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> Subject: Re: We Are All Going to Hell (ZC)
> Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 23:54:50 -0400
> That is the guy during the 98 tour I was trading videos with on a regular
> basis. From FL if memory serves me. He told me he was writing a book on LZ.
> I recall him telling me it was going to be the most informative book written
> yet on our band. I felt somewhat honored to be able to help him as he told
> me he was using the videos to quote Plantations etc. for it. Then when the
> book came out it was anti-Zep!!! I felt so betrayed.
> Dan
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> Subject: RE: We Are All Going to Hell (ZC)
> Author Tom Friend asserts Robert Plant commands us to sell our soul to the
> devil by
> singing "If your going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your
> hair. If your
> going to San Francisco, your gonna meet a lotta DEVIL people there". The
> website
> missionary has apparently applied Friend's theory to the film TSRTS. FWIW,
> at one
> time I was contacted by Friend (concert photos I'd taken of Jimmy are
> published in
> his book) and I went to great lengths to explain to him the lyrical passage
> as sung
> by Robert Plant is "...GENTLE people there". He simply would not agree with
> me.
> Now then, Christie, about your "garden"...
> Steve A. Jones