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(NZC) The Black Keys - Chicago, IL 2008-07-31 FM Broadcast

I believe there was some interest from some fellow Keys devotees last
time I brought them up here (to discuss the similarity of their "I Got
Mine" to Zeppelin's Killing Floor intro in April '69).

This is WXRT FM radio broadcast of Thursday night's pre-Lollapalooza
warm-up gig.  Good energy - packed crowd at the tiny Metro here in
Chi-town, but of course that was nothing compared to the thousands
that saw them the next afternoon.


The Black Keys
The Metro
Chicago, IL US

Lineage: fm (Onkyo TX8511)>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD
Wave Editor)>flac

Intro 0:48
Girl is on My Mind 6:03
Set You Free 3:28
Thickfreakness 3:48
10 AM Automatic 3:16
Same Old Thing 3:40
Stack Shot Billy 5:47
Busted 4:10
Everywhere I Go 7:18
Strange Times 5:18
Your Touch? 4:08
I'm Glad 5:06
Have Love Will Travel 6:34
I Got Mine 5:03
Announcer/Crowd Noise
Psychotic Girl 4:55
'Til I Get My Way? 3:35

Total Time: 75:54