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RE: F*** me Led Zeppelin is turning into Kiss!

Couldn't afford them mate.  Spent all my money on 45rpm singles, bootlegs, 
magazines, posters, books...maybe I'm a little overly obsessive too :-)

I wonder what a Zeppelin scented candle would smell like?  Jimmy would have a 
good smelly candle for sure.


> From: michaeljmoretti@xxxxxx
> To: zeppelin@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: F*** me Led Zeppelin is turning into Kiss!
> Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 20:43:31 -0400
> Hey, I'm the proud owner of a Led Zeppelin Barstool! I think it is sort of
> cool when it is sort of a novelty. Once things like this get mass marketed,
> then maybe it seems kind of tacky. In other words, its cool if I'm the only
> one I know that has one.... Like my Led Zeppelin baseball hat, Led Zeppelin
> shot glasses, Led Zeppelin Christmas Tree Ornament, Led Zeppelin wallet, the
> really cool Led Zeppelin tin box that the wallet came it, my Led Zeppelin
> wrist band, and I mustn't forget my Led Zeppelin Scented Tin Candle... Go
> ahead Eddie, tell me you wouldn't have grabbed them immediately if you saw
> them first! FOTFLOL!! You know, maybe my friends are right, maybe I am a
> little overly obsessive about Led Zeppelin...