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Re: Help a fellow FBO-er groove with us..

I just sent Randy a Gmail invite.

Shazam !

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 8:46 AM, Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You should definitely look into getting the free gmail. Everyone seems to
> like it alot.
> Hey all you gmailers out there , reach out to Randy here and hook him up as
> I for one would LOVE to hear his hippie stories!!!
> CLedzep@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi Nech. I too want to say I LOVE this list. I still don't seem to be able
>> to post to the list as I still have the free AOL but I do now have high
>> speed connection instead of the antique dial-up. I didn't know I was missing
>> so many great clips and stuff as I could not view them until now. I hope you
>> and Bob NEVER get tired of keeping us Led Heads up to date and I can't begin
>> to say how much I appreciate your's and the captains GREAT picture battle. I
>> am isolated in the hills of NC but am an avid lover of the band and there
>> music. Please know that you are appreciated and as soon as I can figure out
>> how to start posting to the list (will try some different accounts like the
>> other have mentioned) I too have a couple , three true stories from the day.
>> I am 55 so I wuz there right smack in the middle of the era. I could not
>> begin to keep up with you guys but I know all of you like to here stories
>> from us old hippies from the day. Again a big shout out to each and every
>> one of you that keep the Led Zeppelin Flame alive!!!!!!!!!  EYE THANK YEW!
>> the ever hovering blimp............. Randy C. from the hills of NC.
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>> From: Nech <tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>> Sent: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 9:02 am
>> Subject: Re: The crap that is FBO...
>> OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that ever heard of Nash the Slash!!!
>> Man did that just bring back some high school memories!!!  Just consider me
>> the FBO marriage counselor.  Dr. RuthNech  zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:zeppelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  > Nashers? Are those members of
>> the Nash the Slash fan club? Speaking of > which, any Canucks on here
>> remember Nash the Slash's electric voilin > version of Smoke On the Water? >
>> > Anyway, good point, Nestor. > > Nech wrote: > >> And then there are those
>> that take every opportunity to bash the >> nashers.. >