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Re: Led Zeppelin Enters TV Commercial Game

At 09:25 AM 10/12/01 +0100, Nigel_Butterworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>The members of the former Led Zeppelin are millionares many times over, my
>estimate around 80-100 million pounds each from what I know that has been
>disclosed in the British press.  I think it stinks to do this with their
music >and I see no good reason.  What made LZ great was in part their
>distancing themselves from sheer commercialism and that's what this is.
>Whoever said Peter Grant would be rolling in his grave was spot on in my
view.  >Nigel.

Hi Everyone,
I will grant that at least two members of Led Zeppelin are millionaires a
number of times over. I would guess it goes like this,
John Paul
Bonzo's estate

Regardless of how much money any individual former member of Led Zeppelin
makes they remain entitled to the licensing of their intellectual property
if they retain control of it.
The issue becomes one of social conscience on the part of those former
members of Led Zeppelin who have enough money to share their accumulated
By their position as millionaires the social pressure to develop a sense of
community responsibility emerges at least in the minds of others who are
not possessed of their wealth to share in it as well.
However, what those musicians do with their financial wealth legitimately
is their own private business.