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Re: Led Zeppelin Enters TV Commercial Game

It's kinda funny how some people will jump up and down in anger if the 
remaining Zep members place Zep songs in movies and commercials and cry 
"sellout!", and "they don't need the money!", yet insist that they have a 
reunion once they "decide they need the money."  Reunion--acceptable.  
Commercial use of songs--unacceptable. 


Hey, those are their songs, and their lives. I'm just happy they have found a 
way to get their material out to an audience.  As picky as they have been 
about films they would allow their material in, I'm sure they have the sense 
to do the same with any offers from ad agencies.  Cadillac isn't dog food, 
and not exactly low-dollar or low-class.  Besides, it's the Zepsters' 
business, not ours. IMHO.  Let 'em be, okay?

- --Uni

In a message dated 10/12/01 3:27:31 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Nigel_Butterworth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> The members of the former Led Zeppelin are millionares many times over, my 
> estimate around 80-100 million pounds each from what I know that has been 
> disclosed in the British press.  I think it stinks to do this with their 
> music and I see no good reason.  What made LZ great was in part their
> distancing themselves from sheer commercialism and that's what this is.  
> Whoever said Peter Grant would be rolling in his grave was spot on in my 
> view.  Nigel.