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Re: Led Zeppelin Enters TV Commercial Game

Hi Everyone,
As far as not wanting to hear a nearly timeless great Led Zeppelin song
to a low art disposable commercial jingle, I don't really like the idea
But I have to confess I was momentarily ecstatic to hear the strains of
"Wanton Song" blasting from my TV speakers, even if later I was a bit shocked.
Popular rock and roll music is just that, it's not sacrosant by nature.

I'm going to venture a what if:
Instead of getting angry the best thing to do might be to use this
commercial ad mistake to good advantage. I think that any reasonable chance
to recruit new listeners for Led Zeppelin's music shouldn't be overlooked.

Even Robert Plant sings "Everything changes, everything changes..."
If a few young kids say, "That's cool music," (I can't imagine saying, "dat
music is phat?"), then those of us who are knowledgeable would do well to
point out the music comes from Led Zeppelin. I intend to encourage others
just introduced to the sound, to listen to the real thing(and I don't mean
Coca-Cola music). If we all did that then we might get the unexpected
satisfaction sharing an appreciation of music can sometimes bring.

If you're really upset, I'd suggest you find out what ad agency produced
the commercial and complain directly to the car company, the ad agency,
Atlantic Records, Jimmy Page and so forth.

If this kind of commercial music trend continues one could hope the music
would be appropriated for further movie score theme adaptations instead of
automobile or other lightweight and frivilous commercials.
Obviously, big money must have been talking somewhere with that deal.

Maybe rewatching "A Hard Day's Night" is in order after all, followed by
TSRTS and a little "Wayne's World" for comparison.