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Current Issues, 8.5" by 11", 'zine format, 16 Pages

 V4, #10, Jul '93: Zep's Outside Sessions, Fillmore East '69, Worldwide Singles book review, 34 photos

 V4, #11, Oct '93: Zep's Musical Sources, Kingdome '77, Zeppelin Classics Japanese CD review, 26 photos

 V5, #12, Jan '94: Equalizing Zep bootlegs, MSG '75, Led Zeppelin From The Archives Mylett book review, 29 photos

 V5, #13, Apr '94: Definitive Videography 1, Fillmore West '69, LZ Live update book review, 30 photos

 V5, #14, Jul '94: Definitive Videography 2, Zeppelin Convention report from London, 29 photos

 V5, #15, Oct '94: Definitive Videography 3, MSG '77, Luis Rey's "Unledded" review, 30 photos

 V6, #16, Jan '95: Promo 8-by-10s, Knebworth '79, JPJ '94 interview, Godwin book review, 52 photos

 V6, #17, April '95: Seattle '75 special issue: show reviews & great photos, bootleg summary, taping "Seattle Supersonic;" also current fanzines overview, 36 photos

 V6, #18, July '95: U.S. Promotional Items, Florida early show dates, Page & Plant at The Gorge review, 47 photos

 V6, #19, Oct '95: Bootleg Bonanza!, L. Ratner's U.K. Vacation, Soundboard -vs- Audience, Page/Plant LA Video Review, 33 photos

 SI#1, July '95: Special 32-page issue The North American Return Of Page & Plant - setlists for every show 2/26 to 5/27/95, fan reviews & stories, press clippings, exclusive photos & more! $8.00 per copy

 V7, #20, Jan '96: Peter Grant Eulogy, Page & Plant, Back in the USA, Photographers Led Zeppelin - a Book Review, 33 photos

 V7, #21, Apr '96: Audible Graffiti, Copenhagen 6/5/71 Concert Review, Page/Plant Current Events & more!

 V7, #22, Jul '96: Led Zeppelin Tour Programs, Ross Haflin Interview & more!

 V7, #23, Oct '96: The Fairport Connection, One Night in LA 1979

 V8, #24, Jan '97: Concert Review: Denver Coliseum March 25, 1970, Book Review: "The Making of Led Zep's Fourth Album"

 V8, #25, April '97: Dave Lewis & Simon Pallett Talk About "The Concert File" , Excerpts from Luis Rey's "Led Zeppelin Live", Starting a Collection, plus more.....

 V8, #26, July '97: Zepfest '97!, the story of Ft Worth '71, "TROUBLE ON THE ROAD: The Trials & Tribulations Of The '77 Tour"

 V8, #27, Oct '97: "I was a Teenage Badgeholder", New Books from Haflin, Ketenjian, and Godwin , Zeptrek '97

 V9, #28, Jan '98: "Collecting Led Zeppelin Magazines", "The Rise, Fall & Continued Success of THE VOICE: A Look At Robert Plant's Vocal Evolution", Review of the BBC Sessions by Luis Rey

 V9, #29, Apr '98: "Page & Plant in Eastern Europe", "Collecting Led Zeppelin Magazines, PT II ", Review of Walking Into Clarksdale

 V9, #30, July '98: "Zeppelin in Jazzland: Their Jazz Influences", "Leo Ishac's Led Zeppelin Gets Booted; The Sequel ", New Bootleg Reviews, and much more

 V9, #31, Oct '98: "Led Zeppelin in Japan", "Page and Plant Unledded in Japan" - the whole issue revolves around the band's special connections with the East

 V10, #32, Jan '99: "The Holy Grails of Zep Collecting", "Earls Court Video Review", "The Search for the Australian Tour Tapes"

 V10, #33, April '99: "Raffaelli -Recolections of a Photographer, Vancover '70 - Rare Photos and Review, The First Led Zeppelin Bootleg "

 V10, #34, July '99: "Dread Zeppelin Interview", "Strange Zep Cover Versions", "Page & The Black Crowes"

 V10, #35, April '99: "Stories and Images from The Fillmore East and West 1969", "Current Events", "Ancient History"

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