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It was a long time coming, obviously, preceded by years of hits and misses, puzzling bickering in the press and finally, months of rumors eventually culminating in the MTV "UnLedded" taping of August 1994 and the alleged rebirth of the Plant/Page songwriting partnership.

The world tour launched in February 1995 - the first leg of which is commemorated in this Proximity Special Issue - was a triumph for the musicians and a dream come true for many, many fans. For those too young to have seen Led Zeppelin, it was a reasonable facsimile of the genuine article, musically speaking, and more importantly it was a chance to view the fabled chemistry - still quite intact - of a legendary partnership firsthand.

For this reason it was also a moving experience for many older fans who had witnessed Zeppelin in their prime. Rather than inspire comparisons to what came before, the reworking and replaying of the old material - sprinkled with a small but tantalizing helping of new songs - left most of us looking optimistically towards the future of this great partnership. The tour will end and supposedly there is more new material to be recorded, more musical worlds to explore, and more tours to come in the future. The thought of it is very exciting. . .

This 'hard copy' overview of Jimmy and Robert's North American jaunt would not have been possible without the electronic communication revolution of our modern age, The Internet. With the constant, enthusiastic postings of the members of the Internet Led Zeppelin list "Digital Graffiti," I (and many others) was able to keep up with every song played, every move made, as the Page/Plant band barnstormed the United States and Canada in the Spring of 1995.

I have done my best to correctly list each setlist and research its accuracy. Note that the first time a song appears, it is with a bullet, and in bold print. The few songs that were played in their entirety only once on this portion of the tour have been indicated with "only time" in parens after the title. Also, in the "Calling To You" medleys, I have tried to indicate the various 'bits' of songs that were played in part - a few of which were very brief snatches indeed - still, I felt they were worth noting since they did change somewhat from show to show. On the other hand, since the slow bridge section of "Carouselambra" was played in the middle of all the versions of "In The Evening," I have not bothered to indicate this on every entry. Lastly, since "Yallah" and "Dancing Days" were rearranged with the addition of the orchestras partway through the tour, you'll find they appear in bold print twice.

My sincere thanks go out to everyone who posted a setlist, an anecdote, or an enthusiastic review to Digital Graffiti. This issue is by you, and for you. Keep the faith!

- Hugh Jones, July 1995

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Pensacola, Florida, February 26, 1995

Boston, Massachusetts, April 10, 1995

George, Washington, May 27, 1995

The Northwestern USA Leg of the Tour

Jimmy Page hits Bourbon Street !

Jimmy plays Theramin

Miller Genuine Draft Memorabilia Truck

Sample pictures from the Proximity Page / Plant Special Issue. Many, many more are contained in the issue itself! Click on the link to get a full-sized picture.

Robert Plant - Pittsburgh, PA, March 25, 1995

Jimmy Page - Boston, MA, April 10,1995

Page / Plant Autographed Program

Page / Plant Concert Poster for New Orleans, LA - March 10, 1995

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