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Re: "In the Evening" on True Blood?!?

lol, same exact thing for me regarding the Golden Age song.  Such a
sweet, catchy tune.  I don't much care for Heinekin (Worlds and worlds
of better beers out there even at the grocery store) but I like the

My outlook has changed regarding using music in commercials too.
Nowadays, I'm just happy to hear Zep anywhere so I find it hard to get
mad at anyone for using Zep tunes.  Hell, 30+ years ago I bought a
Timex Iron Man watch just because I figured if they had the balls to
use Black Sabbath I wanted to support that...

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 6:07 AM, Eddie Lombardi <elombardi70@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I here where you're coming from.  I remember that bit from Hicks and we all 
> agreed with it to a certain degree.
> But these are definitely different times.  The lure of the pay day to replace 
> the one that's lost is too good.  I also think the stigma of letting people 
> use your songs in commercials isn't nearly as bad as it was back then.
> Agree on the Asteroids Galaxy Tour group, quite like them.  I heard them 
> through that commercial as well.  I wasn't sure if they were a real band or 
> not.  They also used a few other songs that were pretty good.  They did put a 
> lot of time and effort to find the music that best suited their commercial 
> and it really worked.  Companies are putting a lot of effort into finding the 
> right song but they still get it wrong sometimes.
>> From: nhevensone@xxxxxxxxx
>> Is it weird that I actually miss the 90's aesthetic of hating when popular
>> songs are used for commercials, or famous people hawk products? I've always
>> agreed with Bill Hicks that anyone who hawks a product in a commercial has
>> immediately become suspect and completely worthless...
>> Or I did, until a Heineken commercial turned me on to the groups called the
>> Asteroids Galaxy Tour ("I wish I lived in the golden age, livin' it up on
>> the Broadway stage"... It's called, aptly, "Golden Age", and it's actually
>> a really good song).