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Re: "In the Evening" on True Blood?!?

I don't own a TV or watch TV, so I can't comment on this except to say...
it appears that selling the music is what's happening now.  But while I
might be horrified at the sacrilege I'm not the musician who created it so
I've got no say.

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 8:07 PM, Nathan Hevenstone <nhevensone@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> No... I don't normally watch True Blood. But the past few episodes have
> been intriguing and I am interested in seeing how this story-line they got
> goin' plays out (sorry... no spoilers).
> But if you were watching it, the recent episode (tonight's, Sunday, July
> 28), was called "In the Evening". And that is the song they played over the
> credits.
> How the hell did they pull that one off? Have the guys finally opened their
> catalog to movie and TV, do they like the show, did HBO/True Blood
> producers shell out a whole lot of cash, is there a lawsuit in the works,
> or... what?
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