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True Blood

I saw the name of the episode on my DVR and thought "Hmmm, imagine?". It was an 
exciting hour so I pretty much forgot about it until that final, excruciating 
scene when those ominous, creepy sounds drifted in.
I thought it was very well done.  It's a different era; no one looks askance at 
artists who use their music to sell stuff anymore.  The most popular genre in 
American music is based on materialism, "getting paid" and vulgar displays of 
wealth; and its biggest star, Jay-Z, is more a corporate entity than a creative 
one.  Not only does it not bother me to hear Zep songs in movies and TV, I 
think it's cool when done right, in a good show, and it is a way to introduce 
people to the music.  Kids today don't listen to the radio anymore.  I for one 
thought it was really neat that the CSI franchise used Who songs.
I'm a little more torn about Zep music on commercials.  I can deal with it for 
an iconic brand like Cadillac.  But I'd rather not ever hear "Hot Dog" used to 
sell Oscar Meyers, or "Communication Breakdown" hawking cell phone service.