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RE: "In the Evening" on True Blood?!?

I here where you're coming from.  I remember that bit from Hicks and we all 
agreed with it to a certain degree.

But these are definitely different times.  The lure of the pay day to replace 
the one that's lost is too good.  I also think the stigma of letting people use 
your songs in commercials isn't nearly as bad as it was back then.

Agree on the Asteroids Galaxy Tour group, quite like them.  I heard them 
through that commercial as well.  I wasn't sure if they were a real band or 
not.  They also used a few other songs that were pretty good.  They did put a 
lot of time and effort to find the music that best suited their commercial and 
it really worked.  Companies are putting a lot of effort into finding the right 
song but they still get it wrong sometimes.

> From: nhevensone@xxxxxxxxx
> Is it weird that I actually miss the 90's aesthetic of hating when popular
> songs are used for commercials, or famous people hawk products? I've always
> agreed with Bill Hicks that anyone who hawks a product in a commercial has
> immediately become suspect and completely worthless...
> Or I did, until a Heineken commercial turned me on to the groups called the
> Asteroids Galaxy Tour ("I wish I lived in the golden age, livin' it up on
> the Broadway stage"... It's called, aptly, "Golden Age", and it's actually
> a really good song).