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Re: Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

So I'm not going to deny for a moment that I didn't have all of the Kiss
 albums up to Destroyer. And they got a hell of a lot of play, BUT, I 
would think that for the most part, the main reason they have 
accomplished what they have, and had the longevity that they have,  is due to
 marketing and showmanship. While the songs are catchy and some are 
really great Party songs, you have to admit Maria, that they are no 
where near the serious type of musicians that are say, Zep, Floyd, Tull,
 Yes, ELP, Allman BB, phish, and a bunch of others. 
I was not 
cutting on what they did, I was just saying it is a totally different 
ballgame. 1 Fact overall says what my point is. They took the masks off, and 
now, they are back on... I wonder why that is?

And if you were listening to Kiss in the 5th grade, it wasn't only Paul 
Stanleys chest that grabbed a what, 10 year old girl?, it was the way that 
chest was marketed toward you and young adults and adolescents, that is who 
they went after, and they got em! 
So while I was totally engrossed in the whole Kiss Army deal for awhile, when I 
try to get through some of their stuff now, I usually wind up changing it after 
a song or two, it is very simplistic music, and I find it a bit childish at 
times. When I found Zeppelin and the Stones and Sabbath, well, Kiss gradually 
faded away into the sunset.

I guess the artists that are the most serious are the ones that let the music 
do the talking. Zep let the music talk, ever notice how a lot of bands let the 
album be released and then tour to support it? Listen to the Plantations, this 
album will be out in a week, or a few months, or whatever. They played the 
music live before it was on a the record, Nobody took bathroom breaks because 
Zep played an unknown song! 

I think one of my favorite things about Kiss was that they really bothered my 
mother and father! 

Christopher Leone 
Mobile Signing Solutions, Corp.

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Frankly, I like KISS.  A lot.  And I didn't get into them when I was 10 because 
of "marketing".  Like I knew what that was in the fifth grade.

It was Paul Stanley's chest that drew me in :)

And I think the tunes are pretty good.  I really like Dressed To Kill.

And what constitutes a "serious" artistic musician?

Who would anyone consider the most "serious" musician anyway?

Even if you could come up with a name, Zeppelin won't unite for anyone.

Well, maybe Jesus.

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> Well everyone likes Kiss, how could
> you not like songs like rock and roll all night and Detroit
> rock City? Hard luck woman is great too, but how can you
> really be serious about a band that owes its entire career
> to nothing more than marketing? Its not how great the music
> is, its the way it got out there that did it for them. 
> Our boys were at the totally other end of the spectrum, they
> put out albums without their name on it, you couldn't get
> further apart.
> I think a more serious musician someone like say, uhh, off
> the top of my head,  maybe Neil Young....someone with a
> serious artistic nature, that they could relate to.
> But Gene Simmons? " C'mon Percy lighten up, did I ever show
> you what I can do with my tongue?"
> Christopher Leone 
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> Chris, your post made me actually lol.  I like Kiss too.
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> > 
> > Ha ha. That is a great analogy, and I like KISS.
> > 
> > On 7/26/13, Chris Leone <ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > > It might be just me, But I think asking Gene
> Simmons to get Led Zeppelin to
> > > reunite would sort of be akin to the Ronald
> McDonald clown to try to make a
> > > deal with like, BLT Prime in NYC, or the
> metropolitan Grill in Seattle.....