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Re: Fw: Re: Gene Simmons Offer.

I think Jimmys suits, and Percys open chested blouses are quite a ways from 
spitting blood and blowing fire out of his mouth, Kiss had fire and explosions 
and all kinds of crazy shit going on. 
I think the most radical costume was maybe Joneseys Christmas tree balls on his 

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At 12:15 PM 7/26/2013, Tim Fricke wrote:
>How about dressing up in a dragon suit but not wearing any makeup? Is
>that about music?

I had to laugh because I knew someone would call me on 
that.  However, think about it:  Everyone was doing the dressing 
up/costume stuff in the 1970s.  It was the new thing, the new 
fad.  *All* those musicians who are still around and performing grew 
out of it except for....


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