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RE: Sad news...

still trying to process the loss of a guy i was priviledged to call "friend" 
for the past 17 years.  he was one of the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most 
giving sharing people i've been lucky enugh to know.  i think probably (at 
least) 90% of my boots----both cassette and cd----came from Somerset, KY.  he 
would routinely send me new music anytime he was "just testing" a new burner,or 
"just playing around" with some new program.  


knowing that i didn't have the ability (being on WebTV at the time), he 
uploaded all my pictures back before things like photobucket existed.  of 
course, being JR, he took some photoshop liberties with some of them, but it 
was all in good fun.  


he always knew just what to say (usually something obnoxious, in that lovely 
Kentucky drawl) to make me laugh and put me in a good mood when things were not 
going so great.  even though he had some pretty serious health issues, he was 
probably one of the most vibrant, passionate people i've known.


a couple of years ago we were having yet another arguement over Robert Plant.  
i was getting ready to go the concert in Memphis, and he was giving me all 
kinds of hell about wasting my money to go see a walking ego with big hair.  i 
asked him what his problem was with Plant, really, and he said that truthfully, 
he didn't have one personally, his problem was with lead singers in general.  
he said that having been a drummer for 30+ years, he was really tired of always 
having to stare at the lead singer's ass.  he'd seen some good ones and some 
really bad ones, but from his vantage point, all lead singers were nothing more 
than an ass that makes noise.