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Re: SSS adding songs as they wind down this leg of the tour

I'm genuinely bummed that I cannot make it out to this show. Especially with 
him bringing more Plant than Zep with each gig it seems.  And this is coming 
from a guy that's only been to one solo Plant show ever. So long ago I don't 
even remember where or when. Yes, there are some times that are ~that~ blurred 
by being young & stoooopid.

 Brooklyn's made a big turnaround in many areas.  I often wonder just how much 
my GrandMa's original brownstone appt building by Sunset Park  would fetch 
nowadays. We could've been friggen millionaires!!




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I haven't been to Brooklyn since the mid 90s, I left NY in 98, But I was blown 
away that prospect Park is where he is playing, I mean, that is where the 
Brooklyn drug task force had their station, that place was a total drug spot! 

Christopher Leone 
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