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RE: SSS adding songs as they wind down this leg of the tour

Brooklyn's radically different, even over the past 6-7 years ... neighborhoods 
in which you wouldn't dare set foot back then are now way too expensive to even 
consider.  That Sunset Park brownstone would likely fetch you enough to buy all 
of the Zep-related auction items we've seen posted to FBO over the past few 
months ... plus a few copies of "The Can" ... without even putting a dent in 
your pile of dough.
Read an article in the Post this week about how the new Barclay's Center in 
Brooklyn made significantly more than Manhattan's iconic MSG this year.
I think I'll pop on Zep's '69 Central Park set this evening, since the Prospect 
Park Bandshell is the Brooklyn equivalent of the Central Park Summerstage area 
... maybe Robert will work in a bit of the Woody Woodpecker song tomorrow night 
in remembrance of that long ago show. 
> From: tytlane@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm genuinely bummed that I cannot make it out to this show. Especially with 
> him bringing more Plant than Zep with each gig it seems.  And this is coming 
> from a guy that's only been to one solo Plant show ever. So long ago I don't 
> even remember where or when. Yes, there are some times that are ~that~ 
> blurred by being young & stoooopid.
>  Brooklyn's made a big turnaround in many areas.  I often wonder just how 
> much my GrandMa's original brownstone appt building by Sunset Park  would 
> fetch nowadays. We could've been friggen millionaires!!
> Original Message
> From: Chris Leone ceeleone2001@xxxxxxxxx
> I haven't been to Brooklyn since the mid 90s, I left NY in 98, But I was 
> blown 
> away that prospect Park is where he is playing, I mean, that is where the 
> Brooklyn drug task force had their station, that place was a total drug spot!