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Re: Off topic: Turntables

Excellent advice by Steve, as usual! One point I forgot to add, that all audiophiles will agree with: Stay away from Crosley, unless you just want something cute to put on a shelf for decoration!!!!


On 7/7/2013 7:03 PM, Steve Thomson wrote:
The Rega is a good choice for a turntable. I'd stay away from Pro-Ject turntables (one of Rega's main rivals) as I've been the unfortunate owner of two of them and the motor noise is really annoying.

I'd disagree about the Bias2 as a cartridge choice. I recently heard some samples posted on a forum by a guy comparing the Bias2 to a Nagoaka MP-200 cartridge and there was no comparison. The Bias2 had issues with edgy high frequency transient tracking. Go for a Nagoaka if you like smooth, analog-like sound or an Audio-Technica cartridge if you prefer a brighter presentation.

You might check samples of needledrops (digital recordings of LPs) in the Post Your Needledrops thread at the stevehoffman.tv forum: