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Off topic: Turntables

Hi all
I know that this is off topic and I could easily do my google search for 
reviews, however, I have a ready bank of people on the ground here who I trust 
more than reviews.

I am going to venture back into vinyl as I was faced with either throwing out 
my thousands of vinyl albums or getting another turntable.  Just too much stuff 
and memories to throw them out.

So not knowing turntables as I once did I was thinking about an entry level 
deck like the Rega Planar RP1.  In Oz it retails for about $495 but one mob is 
doing an 'upgrade' kit that seems to have garnered some good reviews (I did do 
some research).  Here is the package: 
 All in all it looks good, and a reputable and long standing brand.  Still made 
in the UK.  This thing will marry up with a high end Arcam amp and some JBL 
reference monitors.

So I'd be appreciative of any advice that people can offer.  I don't want to 
get technical too much.  I just want a good entry level deck that will revive 
the 70s for me!

Sorry for going off topic but this may be of interest to others as well.