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Re: Reply to thread 'Jimmy Page & Leona Lewis to duet at the Olympics closing ceremony'

    Even though I would agree that Leona Lewis probably does fall into
the 'SEMI-talented but VERY hot' category that you illuded to
Dan,........I have to partially disagree with your statement. Yes it's
true that a contestant's great looks propel them farther than they
would normally go on the merit of their talent alone, but generally,
the same holds true for ANYONE in their own daily life in our
increasingly looks gratifying society. It's just in the human nature
to put these people head-and-shoulders above the rest. However, I just
wanted to keep-it-real and point out that there are exceptions though.
The winner (Ruben Studdard) and also the runner-up (Clay Aiken) of
season 2 of American Idol were neither one much to look at:
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/brainiac/aikstud.jpg. Also,
winner of 3rd season (Fantasia Barrino)
Bo Bice, the 4th season runner-up is not much to look at either
really: http://www.al.com/images/fun/wallpaper/bo3_1024x768.jpg. Also,
last but not at all least, season 5 winner Taylor Hicks:
          Ramblin' On,

On 8/14/08, Dan Copenhaver <zbird@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...I don't want to see Jimmy rubbing elbows with some overnight sensation that
> would not even be where she is at if it were not for her looks. And that is
> true for any of these "reality/talent search" shows. You never see an ugly
> person win or participate for that matter....
> Dan

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