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Re: Reply to thread 'Jimmy Page & Leona Lewis to duet at the Olympics closing ceremony'

i like the commercials....and badmington.


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From: Wyatt Brake <wyattbrake@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Thu, Aug 14, 12:16 PM -0500
Subject: Re: Reply to thread 'Jimmy Page & Leona Lewis to duet at the Olympics 
closing ceremony'

Well, when Nech first brought us the news that someone (or more than
one) from the Zeppelin camp would be participating in the Olympic
ceremonies, I was skeptical that any one of our guys would lend their
name to be associated with such a controversial year at the Games,
what with the human rights issues that China has.  I guess I didn't
realize (or forgot) until today's announcement that the closing
ceremonies are a celebration of the next city and nation to host the
Olympic Games.

After reading the article, it makes much more sense to me.  This is
probably almost as much of an honor for Jimmy as being made an Officer
of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen for his charity work
for Brazilian children.  Think of it this way - Page is being asked to
represent his home country, and it's a big deal.  Yes, the Olympics
are more commercial every cycle, and yes, there's a lot of money
involved, but there's still more than a bit of national pride

Anyone visiting my blog has a pretty decent idea of my leanings on the
political spectrum.  I have lots of problems with my nation's
government, their foreign policy through administrations of both
parties, and more than a little shame over many events in our
collective history.  BUT - I was watching and very much rooting for
James Blake to beat Roger Federer in an Olympic Quarterfinal tennis
match today, and I got quite a kick out of his victory, even though
I'm really not much of a tennis fan.  Even though I'm much more in
line with the "we're all citizens of the world" way of thinking and I
often look askance especially at politicians who hide behind the flag
with their "America, right or wrong" bullshit, I've still got some of
that national pride that would probably lead me to carry the ol' Stars
and Stripes if anyone ever asked me to (on the basis of what, I cannot

Got off on a tangent there, but all I'm saying is that before you say
that Jimmy shouldn't be doing this, put yourself in his position, and
see if you would refuse such a request if you were to receive one.

As to this Leona Lewis person being an overnight sensation - who
knows?  I checked out a few of the YouTube videos available for her
and I thought she had a pretty nice set of pipes.  Listen to her sing
'Over the Rainbow' or 'All By Myself' and tell me she wouldn't be
anywhere without her looks.  Those were for the show that she was on,
but I also watched a video for the first single on her record and it's
typical pop drivel with a drum machine.

In regard to your assessment of shows like American Idol, I'm with you
all the way.  But that's our culture now.  Glorify anyone who is
telegenic, even if they happen to be empty-headed.  It's the old
"video killed the radio star" kind of idea.  If you're like me, you're
just thankful there was no television back in Abraham Lincoln's time,
since there's no way someone like that would get elected now.

And now I will stop trying to bring my interest in history and
politics together with my love for Zeppelin and shut up!


On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 11:43 AM, Dan Copenhaver <zbird@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well I can be lumped into the category along with you Wyatt. Leona who? and
> Beck on AI?
> Now is it just me or does this seem a tad cheesy or commercial for someone
> like Jimmy Page to be doing. I can't see much good coming out if this
> myself. I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding actually...
> I don't want to see Jimmy rubbing elbows with some overnight sensation that
> would not even be where she is at if it were not for her looks. And that is
> true for any of these "reality/talent search" shows. You never see an ugly
> person win or participate for that matter. Well except for at the beginning
> of these shows when they eliminate the ugly geeky ones to make us all laugh
> at how ugly and geeky they are. Or maybe it's just my imagination and all
> these winners are actually ugly, and I am seeing their inner beauty through
> the sound of their wonderful voices. Yea that must be it!
> Dan