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Re: Reply to thread 'Jimmy Page & Leona Lewis to duet at the Olympics closing ceremony'

Well I can be lumped into the category along with you Wyatt. Leona who? and Beck on AI? Now is it just me or does this seem a tad cheesy or commercial for someone like Jimmy Page to be doing. I can't see much good coming out if this myself. I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding actually... I don't want to see Jimmy rubbing elbows with some overnight sensation that would not even be where she is at if it were not for her looks. And that is true for any of these "reality/talent search" shows. You never see an ugly person win or participate for that matter. Well except for at the beginning of these shows when they eliminate the ugly geeky ones to make us all laugh at how ugly and geeky they are. Or maybe it's just my imagination and all these winners are actually ugly, and I am seeing their inner beauty through the sound of their wonderful voices. Yea that must be it!

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I'd like to second Steve on them NOT doing a Zeppelin song, but I'm
guessing that probably won't happen.

Just in case anyone else reacted like I did to this news....

"Leona Lewis?  Who the hell is that?"
If nothing else, she's certainly nice to look at...

And I must be really out of it, because I also said, "Jeff Beck on
American Idol?  Huh??"
That performance can be seen here:
It's not bad at all.  I'm someone who has never been able to bring
themselves to watch more than a song or two of that show while
flipping through the channels.  Aside from it being one giant Coca
Cola commercial, I'm invariably annoyed by someone on the show within
2-3 minutes, whether it's the judges or one of the contestants.


On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 7:02 AM,  <stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"Thank You" or "All My Love" would be more her style perhaps.

Actually, it'd be better if they did something classy and completely non-Zeppelin. Something like what Jeff Beck did backing Kelly Clarkson on "Up to the Mountain" last year on American Idol.