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Re: 2 New Zep Books

Disagree. Shadwick was writing a biography of the band. The title of
his book is "Led Zeppelin 1969-1980: The Story of a Band and Their
Music". Shadwick chose to discuss both, Cole and Davis did not discuss
the music at all - that's the difference. Although Shadwick does
mention Crowley and Page's esoteric interests it does not spend reams
of pages dwelling on it. Shadwick's book is therefore IMO a valid


2008/8/13 Eddie Lombardi <elombardi70@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Yeah but Micks writing a biography on the band so,unfortunately, those 
> subjects would be covered.  Again as I mentioned in a previous post it all 
> depends on how its handled.  If its in a salacious way then that would not be 
> good.
> Steve is correct in that not mentioning those topics in a biography would 
> venture towards a whitewash.  It happened.
> Shadwick wasn't writing a biography about the history of the band and hence 
> it wouldn't have made sense to cover those subjects.  They're two different 
> books.
> There might be books that covered those topics but most if not all are in a 
> salacious way and not in a critical way.  Hopefully Micks will break that 
> trend.
> I guess we'll have to wait and see.