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Re: 2 New Zep Books

Hear, hear!

It's really sad but I guess that gossip sells better than actual interesting stories about the music and how it was created? I'm like you, I sure wouldn't buy a book that's not about the music itself. I've never even read all the rest of that crap.

I'll wait for the first fan reviews of this book before I get excited about it.

Meg Ireland a écrit :
Who said anything about whitewashing? I'm not interested in the gossip
or the conflicts. There are already *plenty* of books about that. More
than enough in fact. I'm interested in a detailed study on the music.
So far only Shadwick's and Susan Fast's tomes get anywhere close to
what I'm interested in reading. If it's another rehash ie. Davis/Cole
I'm not interested in spending my money on it.


2008/8/12  <stevethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
This is surprising having read Wall's blog for awhile. He seemed keen on 
writing a definitive book on Zeppelin. If this is true (not questioning you 
Meg, but is your friend a reliable source), I can see Wall being ostracized big 
time by the circle of friends and acquaintances we read about all the time on 
Halfin's blog.