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Re: Ramblin down the road

Jeremy Mixer wrote:

> 10. Finally some comments on the shut down of project ballentine. <snipped>
> However it is a damn shame that it was shut down. Aparently, Atlantic
> Records feels threatened by it. Why? Well number one, they ARE a huge
> corperate company and corperate companies are usually about ONE thing-
> $$$$$$MONEY$$$$$$$

I really believe this is Atlantic Records' legal department justifying its
existence. Imagine some lawyer, fresh out of law school, law school intern
or legal assistant searching the web for sites and running through some
sort of checklist to check for those appearing to violate US copyright law.
I really can't believe Atlantic Records would care about bootleg artwork
on a web site. If there was artwork from officially released recordings then
maybe they have a case.

Other web sites have gotten this sort of scrutiny from Atlantic and returned.
Is there anyone on this list that can share their experience? This may help
the next person or generation that wants to put up a web site with LZ-related

For those that collect live recordings, Project Ballentine was the first place

to go to check for the artwork. Project Ballentine always occupied top spot
on my list of bookmarks for music artwork. I often surfed there just to take
some time to look at artwork. There is lots of cool and wild stuff.

It's a huge undertaking to build and maintain a web site of that magnitude,
and my hat goes off to Chris. Good luck to him!