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Ramblin down the road

1. I will not mention any names, but I don't think it is a good idea to
post your home phone number on the list.l Granted if people really wanted
to find it they might be able to but that's just asking for trouble. It
was most likely an accidentb but I thought I would mention it any way.
That gets my dumb post of the week, although other then that the post was
very informative.

2. Robert Fripp is an asshole, excuse my language. If reposting this
somewhere please feel free to substitute it appropriately, but I do not
like the man.

3. As far as Jimmy playing with Michael Jackson- this would actually be
interesting, Jackson has said many times that Led Zeppelin is one of his
favorite bands. I think he, like most pop artists, is just someone else
who is pressured to put out crap and that is all he has done his whole
life. "Beat It" is a halfway decent song tho.....

4. I like John's idea of FBO coming up with a live compilation and some
ideas for him.  If there is someone who is in contact with Jimmy it would
be an interesting proposal to ask him about........and if it were to go
through, it would give us a little bit of publicity probably......not a
dumb idea at all, I think it is genious! The Jefferson Airplane list is
mentioned in alkl of teh reissued CD's from the Airplane, Jefferson
Starship, and Hot Tuna.......and honestly, this list's quality is much
better then that one's.....we might be able to get a mention in the CD. It
is very cool that we were mentioned in Suisan Fast's book......

5. This has probably most likely been answered, but Jimmy Page does have a
daughter, Scarlett, and I bleleive she had a child. I do know Robert is a

It must be really strange knowing that your grandfather is THE robert
plant, the same guy who sung about sqeezing lemons......and the only led
zzeppelin guy that still has long hair. That would just be weird.,....

6. I do have a trained ear, well enough that I do know audio engineering
to an extent, and I agree with jason Peterson that an mp3 definately has a
lot of sound quality loss after being converted from an wav file or an shn
file, however, i don't have the time to download those huge files or the
space.......when it becomes more practical as technology improves, fine.
But until then I am happy with an mp3. And who the hell would get an mp3
and then convert it to an SHN only to have someone convert it back to an
mp3? Of course you'd have quality loss. But Jason- all due respect, I am
not trying to be an ass to you here, I think your SHN server is a
wonderful service for those who care to use it, if it works. However, I
personally think that either A) You use the SHN's as an alternative to
mp3's so 1) less people would be interested and 2) in the long run, it
saves bandwidth or B) you just use an excuse that it is SHN's so people
don't get as flustered when they can;t get in because of your server
limits. peronally I lean towards the first reason, but I personally feel
you'd be doing a better service if you were offering mp3's instead.....

7. "Lonely is the night" has "Nobody's Fault But Mine" written all over
it, JR, how the hell could you NOT hear that?????

8. Someone mentioned something about the long Moby Dick drum solos that
can be sometimes boring. I would have to agree. Live they would have been
amazing, but recorded? I am not a drummer....I could care less about some
long drawn out solo, I don't care who is doing it. Same goes for songs
like "In A Gadda Da Vida" It's just not my thing. Bonzo is still my
favorite drummer though, it's not a knock against him, and I can
understand why people who are really into drumming can dig that sorta
thing. As for me, I will hit skip on the CD player when it comes to a live
Moby Dick. However I will watch it in TSRTS because the video goes along
with it well. Especially the drag racing part......well done editing

9. I am honestly suprised that it took someone this many days to post that
they were sick of the Britney vs. Zeppelin thread. I expected it sooner.

"It's stupid, this is lame" well so what if it is? It's a fun topic.
People are telling me I am taking it too seriously, not at all, I am
having fun with it. I have had people privately emailing me telling me I
am trying to rile people up! If there is anyone out there who sees me
trying to rile people up PLEASE tell me where. Just because I disagree
with you does not mean I am trying to get you pissed off. Everyone is
acting like I am out to get them. PLEASE get a friggin grip. I am not out
to get anyone. I am having fun with this thread. You find it boring? then
delete it. Doesn't bother me in the least, personally I found it to be one
of the more entertaining threads as of recently. If we can't have fun then
what good is it?

Privately I have told some poeple that I am not trying to start some huge
debate, and if my words made it look like I was then I AM SORRY. Am I
sorry for the thread? No, I found it to be very fun. It's really a
question that there is no answer to. Because you are comparing two choices
that have nothing to do with each other. And all these women respond
saying "Taht's a dumb question, I'd go see Zeppelin." OF COURSE YOU WOULD.
And honestly, I probably would too. Of course it is tough because I'm a
single guy who hasn't gotten anything in over a month. If I currently had
a girlfriend of course I would choose the Zeppelin without hesitation. I
find Britney hot, I don't find her talented, and I really don't like the
girls personality. I'd suspect the only reason I find her hot is from the
toghtt leather clothing she wears...... I personally don't go for people
like her normally.... probably cuz I don't have a chance in hell :) But
seriously...... she's so Barbie Dollish, not really my type. You want a
true answer there it is. But I was having fun with this, unfortunately
some people take some things too seriously. Lighten up.

10. Finally some comments on the shut down of project ballentine. granted,
this was not something I ever used. I am the slowest trader and while I
like live shows, it's just really not worth it to me because whenever I
get too far ahead of myself in trades I end up becoming massivly sklow (I
am slow enough as it is) and I don't want to end up on any bad trader
lists. Plus with the capability to find cool live mp3's on the net that
makes it a lot easier for me.

However it is a damn shame that it was shut down. Aparently, Atlantic
Records feels threatened by it. Why? Well number one, they ARE a huge
corperate company and corperate companies are usually about ONE thing-

Someone also recently posted something to the effect that they should
release the entire live catalog to apoligize to the fans.

Well folks- these days, AOL-Time/Warner doesn't really care about the
consumer. What does AOL-Time/Warner have to do with this? They own Warner
Brothers, who own Atlantic Records. They don't CARE. Period. They want

One thing that they probably do not realize is that the large majority of
the people who actually purchase bootleg recordings have aslready bought
the entire Led Zeppelin catalog. Let me look at myself for instance. We'll
total up what I have purchased for Led Zeppelin recordings, figures
rounded off to estimate.

 $10 Led Zeppelin IV (cassette)
 $10 Led Zeppelin III (cassette)
 $10 Led Zeppelin- ITTOD (cassette)
 $18 Led Zeppelin- Physical Grafitti (cassette)
 $10 Led Zeppelin- Houses (cassette- friends BD gift,)
 $10 Led Zeppelin- Coda (cassette)
$100 The Complete Studio Recordings (CD)
 $25 The Song Remains the Same (CD)
 $25 BBC Sessions (CD)
 $20 BBC Sessions (cassette)
(Mixer's CD's get stolen here)
 $60 Led Zeppelin Box Set (CD)
 $30 Led Zeppelin Box Set II (CD)
 $25 TSRTS (CD)
 $25 BBC Sessions (CD)
- ------------
$375 Total investment of Led Zeppelin albums to Atlantic Records

This doesn't even count solo material, or Page/Plant. 2 copies of WIC, NQ,
and all of Robert's solo albums......

My first Bootleg was a 4-album set for "Destroyer" that I apid $40, I also
invested in several CD bootlegs AFTER I had the complete Zep catalog,
because I wanted MORE. What I had was NOT ENOUGH

Could they be planning to release more live material? Of course they are,
not for the fans mind you, but because there IS a market for it. How many
of us owned the BBC sessions on cassette, Vinyl, or CD before it was evr
officially released? I know I am one. I purchased the album anyway.And I
suspect that is the case with most of us on this list who already owned
the BBC Sessions. How many people bought the second Boxed set even though
they already had Baby Come On Home (Tribute to Bert Burns)? I suspect

But folks, it all comes down to money. I am sure we will see more releases
in the future. However as for right now, Atlantic is doing whatever they
can because they feel threatedned by us.

Maybe if enough of us decidewd to boycott the company as a whole and let
them know about it until they stop ? Could we rally enough people together
to make a difference? This means- boycott AOL, Time Magazine, Sports
Illistrated, HBO, Comedy Central, anything released on Warner Brothers,
Atco, Atlantic, no renting or buying of any videos pout out by these
companies, etc. It is FAR from an easy task! Would people actually be up
for it?

(and btw- boyucotting the TV stations would only be necesarry if you are
filling out Neilson logs)

Would it make a difference?

Not unless we got hundreds and thousands to join in.

And while it is not confirmed, I guarentee you that there are most likely
people from Atlantic Records monitoring this list. Because Atlantic
Records puts out the Zeppelin catalog. And they are probably very
carefully saving every comment positive and negative being made about
them. And you know what? I really could care less.