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Re: Ramblin down the road

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From: "Jeremy Mixer" <mixer@xxxxxxxx>
To: <zeppelin@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 10:40 PM
Subject: Ramblin down the road
> And while it is not confirmed, I guarentee you that there are most likely
> people from Atlantic Records monitoring this list. Because Atlantic
> Records puts out the Zeppelin catalog. And they are probably very
> carefully saving every comment positive and negative being made about
> them.   <<<snip happens>>>

Ahhh, well in that case - Atlantic, you suck.  I don't think you can ever
prove to me that Project Ballentine ever siphoned off one thin dime from
your profits.  Not that you have to, what with you being all big and
corporately and all.  I reckon you are well within your legal rights.  But
you still suck.  Yeah, yeah, yeah....thanks for putting out all the great
Led Zep records and such.  Of course, you didn't do that for us.  If you
didn't so it, some other money grubbing muggles would have.  Thank you?!  On
second thought, THANK ME!  You're welcome for all the times I've bought the
albums and the cassettes and the CDs and the books and the posters and the
T-shirts and the hat pins and the bumper stickers and the DVD and the etc...

I bet if we tried really hard we could make a case that PB may have even
sent a thin dime or two your way over the years.

Worried about your copyrights?  Hey, infringe _this_.

Wheeeeeeeee!  Venting is fun.