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Chicago Stores

 Hey Keith...

 Chi-Town Kevin here...here's a list of decent stores...

 Tinley Park - Threshold on 159th Decent prices, a lot of silvers.

 Joliet - Crowes Nest on  Plainfield rd??  Decent prices, mix of CDR and
 silver, BEWARE!

 Reckless Records on Belmont in Chicago - One of my favorites...tons of
 and pretty cheap too!!

 Second Hand Tunes, Video Beat, and another store I can't remember on
 Fullerton in Chicago.  Mix of stuff at these stores.

 Reckless Records on Algonquin Road in Hoffman Estates - used to be one 
favs, most mostly have CDR's now.  Cheap though, 1 for $9!

 Let me know how things work out!!