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Re: half mast dance to a beat of a different drum

Bergeon, Thomas TC SEPCO wrote:
> and if one's ready to dish Bruford
> get your hands on the Crimson Great Deceiver box set
> yes 4 discs of 73-74 and great tour notes
> (this is how a live assemblage shold be done)
> perhaps the most incredible improv band ever
> Bill never plays the same thing the same twice and
> John Wetton on bass is telepathically locked to him
> on truely soaring improv
> this is being rereleased, get a copy and thank me fully later

Yes, but the reissue is $70 and only available through DGM. Fortunately,
I have the original 1992 issue. If you're looking for a nice (cheaper)
intro to live '73-'74 era Crimson, try "The Night Watch", a 2 disc set,
in stores or $15 at DGM. The new KC album, "The ConstruKction of Light",
comes out Tuesday in the US, but you can hear the whole thing in
RealAudio at http://www.disciplineglobalmobile.com/news/tcol.html

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