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Re: half mast dance to a beat of a different drum

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(big snip to get to the point)
> can you say Kenny Jones boys and girls?
> I knew you could

Hold on there Wormioso,
just one New York or London minute,
would ya.
Kenny is right well steaming along in proper form
when the occasion calls for it.
So you don't need to be downgrading his work.
In case you haven't notice the drummer for the Faces graduated to
the Who's next reincarnation.
He's not Crazy Keith's equal, but he's a good stick man in his own
with plenty of proper rock credentials.
There's been many a time he would add a twist to a beat when the
Faces were jammin
just to see if ole Roddy and the rest of us were noticing.
Beware Thomas and JR there's more to rock drummers
than squeaky pedals on the bass drum.
I would say as a business perspective that Pete wanted a bit more
control and that Kenny's more cooperative than Keith ever was.

> and the thing John Henry did great was improv
> example?
> those spots in Dazed (Seattle 75 comes to mind)
> when Jimmy frenetically plays a little jam
> then Bonzo duplicates it on the kit right off the top of his head
> wow

ThereI can't argue with you  by the time of Seattle,
they had all shaken the cold of winter from their bones.

no argument there
different worlds abound

> Bonzo's funk roots clearly show through
> as does his love of the sublte like CSN

and like I've said before "Rare Earth" elements sneak into
Bonzo's explorations.
The Pink Lady