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half mast dance to a beat of a different drum

JR - the flag at half mast in TSRTS is an omen to RObert Plant
that his priss teen rock god image will never be the same when the movie
comes out  (fine blue blouse non withstanding)

thor is back
damn, plenty of people need a good spanking there 
mr whine critic
including a only recently returned wormhead
it's been dull here outside of Billy, JR and the lady of Pinkness

speaking of Bill, that was an enjoyable boot list
have most but not all those jems

ah drummers

I never said bonzo wasn't great and pioneering
reread my post
I truly admire him
and even Zep for not continuing after him
(well at least not the first 14 years)
can you say Kenny Jones boys and girls?
I knew you could

and the thing John Henry did great was improv
those spots in Dazed (Seattle 75 comes to mind)
when Jimmy frenetically plays a little jam
then Bonzo duplicates it on the kit right off the top of his head

and if one's ready to dish Bruford
get your hands on the Crimson Great Deceiver box set
yes 4 discs of 73-74 and great tour notes
(this is how a live assemblage shold be done)
perhaps the most incredible improv band ever
Bill never plays the same thing the same twice and
John Wetton on bass is telepathically locked to him
on truely soaring improv
this is being rereleased, get a copy and thank me fully later

Bonzo's funk roots clearly show through
as does his love of the sublte like CSN
later he would take a que from Zigabo of the Meters
my local fav and their funk records have just been rereleased
ain't no cissy when they strut 
(just look what they did for Robert Palmer's first album,
sneaking sally through the alley indeed)
and Porter was spotted backstage with JPG when he played the local HOB

the thrasher?
the man could kill a kit or be sombre and reflective
and his cymbal work

anyway thanks for the live liegh ness of the discussions

as for how tall am I?  I guess James Osterberg said that too
"I'm only 5"1"  
but add 8 inches to the iggy and take away some ugly and skippy
and it's all ab doe men when you are a true worm

and if I say to you tommorrow....