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Crim Who Zep Live

Steven Kill james patrick (no, please don't) wrote


I am bummed that the Nashville Crim debut shows are sold out

i hear the new crim disc has mixed reviews
mostly in the drumming

	love both The Night Watch and need to renew my Crim Collectors Club
	for the latest 73 release
	Starless, Red and Larks TOngue will be remastered and reissued in 3
months! I can wait that long!

	I bought Great Deceiver only 6 months ago for $32 used with full
booklet pristine (seen it on e-bay go as high as $95

	imagine if Zep had someone of Fripp's great packaging nature
	and willingness to show great shows - warts and all

	they could clean up with a great live disc

	worked for the mid era Who
	not the reunion tours bull
	but Live At Leeds- way back then 
then more recently Isle of Wright (now DVD too)
how about a 71 or 73 Who tour with Video
imagine the full quad performed with moon in 73
no way, way

at least it has a snowballs chance of seeing the light of day
because Daltry hits all his notes and doesn't care if people see him in all
that ripped frayed ridiculous getup. But hey he didn't wear a blouse on

take note zep - a 71-72 box ala Great Deceiver would be killer!!!!