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Re: Kudos, Thanks, List Names and Such....

Grant Burgess wrote:
> It doesn't even take a subscription under an alias to have Zerxes here.
> digests can be forwarded to him. Personally, I don't think it should
> as there may be a time where he realized how wrong he was. I just don't
> think we need to be bitter with him. It could be hurtful at the expense of
> some fans who are not involved with him and his list.
Uh Grant....Helloooooo
With all due respect, I think you're really out in left field on this
If you reread the posts concerning these points, I think you'll see that
there was no 'bitterness' intended nor, I believe inferred by most
I was simply pointing out the possibility that all the plans being
posted to get to the remaining DG list members without Zerxes knowledge
or to get *around* Zerxes might be a waste of time as he may very well
be here on the list(s) reading everything, implying (I thought) that a
more up front approach might be more appropriate and effective.
And of course, this is exactly what was in the works already in the way
of advertising the list on Web pages, emailing friends with invitations,
etc.  Consequently, we can see that the list is growing by leaps and
bounds each day....
Plus, if you read a few posts down, you'll see one from me openly
welcoming Zerxes to the list.  I think most people on this list feel the
same way....
And surely you, of all people, after a phone conversation we had a while
ago during all the DG turmoil, *know* that I, of all people, harbor
absolutely no ill feelings toward Zerxes and in fact consider him to be
a friend as I do *all* the folks I met at Zepfest. (You, too :-))
Indeed something like the DG Blowup is not enough to change my opinion
about anyone.
That's just the way it is......
So you see,I thought and hoped that I had made that abundantly clear to

That was *you* that called me that day, wasn't it?????
Or (egads) was it really:


Because...personally, I think they're all the same person....  :-)