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Re: Kudos, Thanks, List Names and Such....

It doesn't even take a subscription under an alias to have Zerxes here. the
digests can be forwarded to him. Personally, I don't think it should matter
as there may be a time where he realized how wrong he was. I just don't
think we need to be bitter with him. It could be hurtful at the expense of
some fans who are not involved with him and his list.
>On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Kathy Z wrote:
>> And getting the message 'through' Zerxes to the list itself...
>> Frankly, I can't imagine that Zerxes isn't here among us and is
>> therefore privy to all your discussions.  If Jason found us, doesn't it
>> make sense that one way or another Zerxes would too?
>Unless Zerxes has joined zeppelin-l under a different alias (is Ty Mills
>actually Zerxes? :P), then I can say with complete certainty that he has
>not joined zeppelin-l.  I cannot speak for ledzep-list.  Jeremy?  --chrisb
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