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Re: Birmingham? Ipswich?

Yas writes:
<< OZC: a few days ago, I've received a DAT copy of newly surfaced
portion from recently released Antrabata 3CD set "Two Penny Upright"
(Thanks Susumu!) that was credited as being from Birmingham 11/17/71. As
someone mentioned previously, I too have *confirmed* this tape is actually
the same tape as THE mysterious Ipswich 11/16/71 (Hi Theolyn!) that has
been reviewed on The Concert File, as the details of the tape do match the
review on the book, though the tape on the CD is NOT complete; last part of
D&C and the rest did not make it on the CD.... :-( >>

If my CD is not complete, then does someone have the rest of the available
material, available for trade?

Also if the 7/18/73 Vancouver portion is better than my Tarantura CD Canada
Dry, per someone's evaluation on the old list, then is anyone interested in
my copy? I still have to check for myself.

<< Could someone please let me know which is correct; Birmingham or

I think it's probably a combination of the two, maybe. It appears to have a
tape source change between the 1st two tracks. Anyone?

Take care ... Jeff