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Birmingham? Ipswich?

Hi there,

     Received The Led Zeppeling Mailing List Digest Volume 01 : Number 001!
Glad to have our new HOME finally where we can discuss freely about Zep!
Thanks for everyone involved in the process for setting up this new list. I
greatly appreciated all of your efforts! (BTW, after seeing Ed Zeppelin's
"A Tale of Pride and Valor" in the welcme message, I've been wondering why
no one ever suggested "One More Magic" as a candidate for the new list
name. ;) Great job, Ed!) 

      OZC: a few days ago, I've received a DAT copy of newly surfaced
portion from recently released Antrabata 3CD set "Two Penny Upright"
(Thanks Susumu!) that was credited as being from Birmingham 11/17/71. As
someone mentioned previously, I too have *confirmed* this tape is actually
the same tape as THE mysterious Ipswich 11/16/71 (Hi Theolyn!) that has
been reviewed on The Concert File, as the details of the tape do match the
review on the book, though the tape on the CD is NOT complete; last part of
D&C and the rest did not make it on the CD.... :-( However, I was very
confused to hear Plant clearly mentioned "Birmingham" in one of his MCs...
Humm..... I do know Plant's comments sometime cause the confusions, for
example "Munich" at the Berlin show 1973 or "Bon Soir" at the Humburg show
1970 etc., though....

Could someone please let me know which is correct; Birmingham or Ipswich???

Thanks in advance.

- ---Yas

P.S. BTW, this is a good show, though the audience is rather quiet.