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Re: If we could just join hands.....

On Sat, 30 Aug 1997, Adam Krawczyk wrote:

>Hi all,
>Several people already have laughed at this (rightfully so), but I just
thought I might mention this: 
>Q.How do you make a list which is free like this list but has the numbers
of people of DG at the same time?
>A.Subscribe this list to DG.
>I know it sounds dumb (and very well probably is), but if you think about
it, its one way to keep the systems seperate (ala Hong Kong) and yet
exchange the same info, and if things go wrong, it can be unsubbed and this
list still remains as a list in its own right. BTW- rather than flame me for
this idea, I can accept silence as a "I don't think so". And now...

Simply put, Zerxes would not allow it.

Besides, what would be the point?  Just about everyone and everything that
matters is HERE.  If the few remaining souls at DG want to see what we're
up to, they can just subscribe to our list.

BTW, I checked the membership list earlier today, and we're already up
to 150 subsribers.  Whoo hoo!