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Re: Is PRESENCE Ty Mills???

I don't want to start a controversy on our new list(thanks Chris!) but
here's what I know.
I was trading with Jason off and on for about 5months(not that many trades,
he is just SOOO SLOOOOOWW)  Durning that time he told me the following
1.His equipment list for dubbing and trading-
2.He was getting posts through to DG through a friend-
3.He was getting material tree'd on DG still-
Now, I really don't care about the fact that he was doing most of this
except that now it appears that he may be getting ready to start ripping
people off.

1-I seeded a tree through John Williams(John was planning on running two
trees at once but there wasn't enough interest in the second show) a while
back and Ty offered to be a DAT branch on the second one.  He listed his
equipment and it matched Jason's, almost, item for item.
2.  Whenever Jason would mention a post that he had made to DG through a
*friend* it was always through TY and it was always about a show that Jason
*claimed* to have that no one else did.
3. Jason specifically asked me if it was ok for TY to use the 4/27/69 SBD
tape(which when I confronted Ty about it he claimed he thought he was using
one of my tapes but he forgot which one) that I had traded to him for the
tree he was running on DG.  -This is the confusing thing- Anyone that knows
Jason, even slightly, will know him to NOT be very generous with his tapes.
 And yet, he is always GIVING Ty tapes for treeing on DG...What gives??
Also, just an FYI here, I offered to send Ty my Portland '72 tapes on DAT
in exchange for his Ipswich tape that he claimed he was treeing and he said
he hadn't gotten it yet but was SURE he would.  Has anyone heard ANYTHING
about this since he first mentioned it?  I have from very reliable sources
that the holder of the *complete* 110min Ipswich tape hasn't given it to
ANYONE.  The original taper gave one person a 90min tape of the show, which
is what is now beginning to start in circulation, and he has started
trading it to people on a 3 for 1 basis.  I am not trying to say that Ty
doesn't have Any part of the Ipswich tape, merely that I find it odd that
Jason would 1. be so damn gerenrous with his *rare* stock and 2. be the
ONLY other person to have the entire Ipswich tape with his reputation.
Just some thoughts....

Take Care,
- -don

>At 10:39 AM 8/29/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>Theolyn brought up an interesting point the other day: are PRESENCE and Ty
>>Mills both email account aliases belonging to Jason Peterson?  I haven't
>>heard Ty stand up for himself against this accusation, but I was inclined
>>to believe that Theolyn was just making this up until...
>>...I checked my inbox today.  Every time some one subscribes to
>>zeppelin-l, I get a confirmation message that includes their name. 
>>It turns out that Ty Mills subscribed only a few scant minutes after
>>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:29:50 -0700 (PDT)
>>From: Majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>To: zeppelin-l-digest-approval@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>Subject: SUBSCRIBE zeppelin-l-digest
>>PRESENCE <Presence@xxxxxxxx> has been added to zeppelin-l-digest.
>>No action is required on your part.
>>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:34:01 -0700 (PDT)
>>From: Majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>To: zeppelin-l-approval@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>Subject: SUBSCRIBE zeppelin-l
>>quantegy@xxxxxxxx (Ty Mills) has been added to zeppelin-l.
>>No action is required on your part.
>>Mere coincidence?  I think not!
>>One subscribed to the individual post list and one subscribed to the
>>digest, possibly as an attempted cover strategy, which, I might add,
>>failed miserably.
>>This evidence is far from conclusive, but I have to say, if you hear from
>>Ty Mills that PRESENCE is a good trader, I would definitely take it with a
>>grain of salt.  --chrisb
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