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Re: Is PRESENCE Ty Mills???

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Jason Artman wrote:

> Chris Bucchere wrote:
> > This evidence is far from conclusive, but I have to say, if you hear
> > Ty Mills that PRESENCE is a good trader, I would definitely take it with
> > grain of salt.  --chrisb
> > 
> 	But when has Ty been anything but cool to all of us? What
> 	reason would he have to don an alias and rip a bunch of
> 	people off?

I must agree with this...I don't know the whole story, but I will say
this...what if this is not true......Chris, and I am saying this
figuratively (I know it is too late to worry about spelling!), what if
people started posting that "Chris Bucchere and Presence are one of the
same!" and started pointing out all these reasons?

Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, the true questions is....where does
each one live?

And I do not ask that hoping this conversaytion continues on this list. :)

Jeremy Mixer

"Charlie squeeze me some of those lemons and make me some lemonade.
 ...aww, you got it all over your leg"       -Tortelvis "Stir It Up"