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Re: I'm a tiny bit worried

Hi it's me again!

I need to amend a couple things I remarked about earlier regarding
the discussion on Ty Mills.

It appears I made a mistake in thinking his address was a PO Box.  It's
not, it is a Rural Route Box, for those that live outside the city limits,
and have no street address.

Mistake number 2:

He did send me an e-mail saying he may have deleted my address because
he didn't have it.  He said  he usually gets the address off the 
package that is sent to him and he likes to wait to get the trade first.
In case the tapes are more expensive he can compensate the other person
for them and he likes to re-use the mailer.  This e-mail was sent to me
at about the same time he said he was mailing the tapes.

Just wanted to get the facts straight as I don't want to be unfair or
selective about the info I present.  Take it for what it's worth.



p.s.  Theolyn, since you brought this up care to share your thoughts?