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Re: Nice

> 	Let us get it fully out.  While we are discussing who I am posing
> as, here is a list of who else I am.  Err, I mean, who else I have been
> accused of being: Richard Allcock, Dave Gilyan, Theolyn Brock (do not ask
> me,) Professor Valley, Tom Bergeon, Mark Cook, some guy in Japan (cannot
> remember name,) Tomislaw Crenshaw? and even Jean Lorrah.  I love paranoia.

Whoa :)  I'd really love to know who accused you of being me man.
Heavvvvvvyyyyyyy. :)  In fact we have an expression here in Australia
which covers just this sort of eventuality :

<extremely nasal female voice>  "Please explain."

The only people who will get that joke are other Aussies who know who
Pauline Hanson is, but I thought it was pretty funny. Anyway, when were
you accused of being me.