October 24-25, 2003 - Niagara Falls, NY

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Hats off to Grant Burgess for pulling of another of these wonderful events! Attendance was down and the rain was too, but that didn't spoil the events inside the Travelodge Grand Hotel in Niagara Falls New York! My wife and I had a wonderful time, despite experiencing a breakdown of our car, causing us to miss the first day :( :(   It was great to browse (and buy a little!) all the cool stuff the vendors had, and watch the Zep bands that played. But for me, what Zepfest is always about, is just meeting people!! I met lots of Internet friends that I never met in person before, and I also met others who are now my friends. It was great to hang out and have a beer or few! What I have assembled here is a directory of pictures taken by Zepfest attendees. If you were at Zepfest, and would like your pictures in this album, email me at: zepfestpictures at buckeye-web.com . I hope that this album holds the history for years to com......

The Bruce "the Buckeye" Deerhake Collection

The Hidden Grok Girls (Jezebel and Michelle) Collection

The Jeremy Mixer Collection

The Cindy Wilkie Collection

The BootLedZ Collection

The Ron Tippin Collection

The Patti McIntyre Collection

The Lisa Collection

The Bob Keubler / Jeff Morris Collection

Credit must be given to Just a Little Rainn for the original graphic that inspired the graphic at the top of this page. (Okay, I stole it from her and modified it, but with her permission, mind you!)

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