The Bruce "the Buckeye" Deerhake Collection
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I had meant to take more pictures, but I was rather burnt out after my car breaking down the day before - If I missed your picture, it wasn't intentional!

Grant Grant Burgess, Zepfest promoter strikes a pose

 Scott Shallcross, BootLedZ and Chris Gust enjoy some discs while the Grok Girls enjoy some Doritos

Jeremy Mixer Jeremy Mixer poses at the infamous FBO table with Nech's poster showing Rainn's artwork

 The Melfi table of wonderful Zeppelin photos - Frank's Website (Sue helps out)

Cindy Cindy Wilkie (USA Coordinator of ABC Trust) minds Mark Cornelison's table

 Karen and Scott Shallcross hang out with BootLedZ

Grock Girls Michelle and Jezebel from Hidden Grok

Dardo and Friends Dardo Simone, Chris Gust, Rafael, and Paul Groleau enjoy hanging out and talking

Michael Michael Dehn of http://www.ledzeppelintickets.com shows that he has more than just tickets to offer!

Mark Mark Cornelison - http://www.MarkCornelison.com - rock photographer, guitarist, and jack of all trades!

kyle Kyle K. - A regular visitor to Buckeye's Best of Led Zeppelin Website!

Kat Kat Dalton shows off her new headwear to Dardo Simone and Cindy Wilkie

Frank Frank Melfi, the Jester, as always!

Debbie and Cindy Debbie and Cindy do Dominos!

Jam Begins The FBO Jam Begins!

Buckeye Bruce the Buckeye says "Subscribe to FBO Today!"

FBO Jam The FBO Jam continues with Mike on bass, Ron Tippin (of Electric Magic) at the drum kit and Mark on guitar

Raffle! Cindy Wilkie starts the raffle - is she really singing?

Mark and Cindy Mark Cornelison and Cindy Wilkie aution off a signed photo of Jimmy

Zeppelinesque Zeppelinesque hits the stage!

Zeppelinesque Zeppelinesque's "Jimmy" in deep concentration

Zeppelinesque Zeppelinesque's "Robert" takes a classic pose!

Zeppelinesque Zeppelinesque belting out the tunes!

Zeppelinesque Can you guess what song he's singing now? :)

Zeppelinesque "Jimmy" with a big ash hanging off his butt!

Zeppelinesque Zeppelinesque finishes with a BASH!

Grant Goes Down Grant Burgess proves he'll do anything for publicity!



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