The Jeremy Mixer Collection

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 View from my hotel room, 1105

 some woman from the party in 1117 Saturday Night

 Michale Moretti, in room 1117

 Electric Magic's Cole, Doug, and Ron

 Electric Magic's Ron and Dave

 Julian Sidebottom plays the blues

 Cole says cheese!

 Kat Dalton gets friendly with Julian

 Ron, Jeremy (Ron Jeremy??!?!) and Cole with a girl whose name I do not recall

 The drummer from Zeppelinesque playing "Moby Dick"

 The drummer from Zeppelinesque playing "Moby Dick"

 One of Zeppelinesque's guitarists

 Unidentified Zep fan displays his ink

 Fans watching Zeppelinesque, Cindy Wilkie, Patty, Michael Moretti and Kat (cut off)

 Dardo Simone proudly shows off his raffle prize from the ABC Trust- the RARE, out of print FBO T-Shirt!

 Mark Cornelison displays the current prize for the ABC trust raffle, a signed picture of Jimmy Page, while CIndy gets ready to draw the winner.....

 Mark displays a beautiful still of Zeppelin for the raffle

 Mark displays one of the other raffle prizes, a ticket from the Chicago Stadium - complements of http://www.ledzeppelintickets.com

 Cindy solicits a helper (but is she really singing?)

 Cindy and Kat in a candid shot (note: One photographer was harmed immidately following the making of this photograph)

 Kat suddenly remembers meeting John Paul Jones.....

 Kat bows down to the gods as Zeppelinesque singer her "Happy Birthday"

 Patti, Jeremy, Nic's floating head, Lisa, and Michael

 Guitarist of Zeppelinesque with his bow

 The chick bass player for Zeppelinesque, and the guitarist

 Other Zeppelinesque guitarist with the singer, Dee Plant

 Mark at the jam

 Some of the items for sale to raise money for ABC Trust

 A fan checks out the FBO table, featuring a poster made by Nech, designed by Rainn

 Jeremey Saturday morning after a late, late night

 Electric Magic get ready to take a bow after their debut performance

 Ron Tippin of Electric Magic

 Doug sings and plays guitar

 Grant Burgess spoke in class today....

 Doug (blurry but I still like this pic)

 "Where should we put the TV?" The view from room 1105

 From my room, 1105- horseshoe falls is on the left, american falls is on the right

 The former Niagara Falls, NY Convention Center, now the Seneca Casino, from the hallway of 11th floor



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