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Re: Page ready & set to tour?!?!

Kid Rock would be my pick but does he show up to a lot of awards, etc.?
Since I haven't paid any attention to him in the last dozen years, I don't
know.  In the 9 Lives box set Plant mentions Kravitz fondly so it would
seem odd to turn on him even if he now  regrets touring as his opener.  The
ubiquitous musicians that night were the Foo Fighters:  I love Dave Grohl
and he unabashedly proclaims his love for Zeppelin so I would hate to think
of them on the pointed end of Percy's barb!


On Jul 24, 2013 8:40 AM, <tangerine23@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Kid Rock, surely. Would be surprised if it were Kravitz; although I
> personally think he's more of a poseur than anything, he did tour with
> Plant in '93, and recently said in an interview that Plant inspired him to
> rethink his perfectionist approach to performing live. And, as I recall,
> there was a shot during the KCH broadcast of Plant giving him a thumbs-up
> before or after he sang.
> > I also wonder which
> > musician(s) was the target of his derision?