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Led Zeppelin News - Peter Mensch Reddit Updates


I haven't gotten into the whole Reddit thing, so I'm following updates
via the LZNews "twitter on facebook" stream...
'still no progress on any solo work' from Jimmy Page says his manager
Peter Mensch on Reddit

'What lurks in the mind and vaults of Jimmy Page, only he knows.' says
his manager Peter Mensch on Reddit http://t.co/Dz0WnLVxeE

Eddie Kramer is NOT involved in remastering the Led Zeppelin back catalogue.

EXCLUSIVE: The contents of the Led Zeppelin remaster box sets: 'studio
outtakes, different mixes' #ledzeppelin

The new Led Zeppelin remaster box sets will be 'way better' than
previous reissues says Jimmy Page's manager Peter Mensch.

The release date for the Led Zeppelin box sets is 'a moving target. LZ
Time is like no other time I have ever seen'

'it will be either all at once as a box set or individually in
chronological order' - news on the Led Zeppelin remastered box sets.

Jimmy Page's manager Peter Mensch instantly hit with a bunch of
questions about Jimmy's solo album and Led Zeppelin remaster box sets.

'page loves vinyl. always has. always will. collects it' says his
manager Peter Mensch on Reddit